Internet Car Era MapKing Connected Navigator (Original price HK$3200, Special PriceHK$2498)

Connected Navigator GPS-Bay Connected Type 1- the first Navigation device supports phone call, SMS, WiFi and wireless internet.

Powerful FREE functions include:

1. iRoad CCTV -Traffic Snapshot

2. Live Traffic Message

3. Live Traffic Map Navigation

4. Pick Me Up - link peer's mobile by SMS, Free 'Pick Me Up' Android software (Click Here to download "Pick Me Up" )

5. Speed Camera Sharing

6. Traffic (Accident, Jam) Sharing

7. Hand Free Call Office or Home etc

8. Easy Call Thousands Restaurant and Hotels, Tour Information

You can see more details in HERE

Add on China mainland service "One Click Navigation" & "ChinaGPS Cross Border Road Side Rescue Service" (chargeable services, please purchase at product item GPS-BAY Connected GPS Navigation Type 1 and ChinaGPS Roadside Rescue Service)

During promotion, include Hong Kong and Guangdong navigation map.